What The Folklore?

What The Folklore?

What the Folklore is a comedy podcast trying to make sense of nonsensical stories. We deal in strange mythology and folktales from around the globe. We can be found at www.facebook.com/wtfolklore.

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    Ramblecast 79.5

    In this week's ramblecast we completely revamp the NFL: from new team naming conventions to new rules and layers, to team themes that must be obeyed.

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    Bomb-Ass Cave Kids

    We skipped last week, so we kind of forgot how to do this. This episode is kind of a slow build, like a Lovecraft story or that Phil Collins song people seem to like. This week we're reading "The King Who Wanted to See Paradise."

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    Ramblecast 78.5

    Excerpts of unused material from episode 78 of "What the Folklore?", wherein we discuss the "Torture Porn Spectrum", lobby new indexing methods, create a government agency chain-gang, and uncover the hidden fifty-fifth state of the union, Sacwatoga

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    WTFolklore Anthology Edition: Vol 1

    Due to scheduling conflicts with our recording last week, we've assembled a collection of clips from the following episodes:

    Bouncing Baby Abomination, Chekov's Loaded Midwife, Doctorlope MD, If You Like It You Better Put a Pube On It, The Unicorn Situation, Super Strong Punch Boys, The Westbirdo Bapnest Birch, Owl: The Only Movie Ever Made, Ancient Chinese Good Will Hunting, Terminally Quenched, The YOLO King, Singalong Manhunt, The Pagoda Surprise

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    The Tale of Foolums Gap

    WARNING MAJOR STRANGER THINGS SPOILERS. If you don't want to find out who's aging backwards, and who is secretly his own father's ghost, don't listen to the first five minutes. We could also be way off base with our theories. Our story this week is another from the Skagit area, deceptively called "The Maiden of Deception Pass." It's not a Western though, we tried. We also tried our best to talk about anything other than this story.

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    Ramblecast 77.5

    In this week's ramblecast we speculate about some new potential pokemon types and rules, misremember the Spanish-American War, and create a whole new set of countries.

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    Prepare for the future of the Food Network, as the casting of this week's fairy tale "The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies" gives birth to a reality show made of pure gold. Saddle up Alton Brown, your calling awaits you!

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    Ramblecast 76.5

    Excerpts of unused material from episode 76 of "What the Folklore?", wherein we leverage Buzzfeed against itself, invent Spider-Cars, and re-brand the Oscars as challenge-based trophies.

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    Coyote Arsonist

    We've got a short one for you this week, another selection from Longhouse Legends, in which we take a look at what the world could have been like without Wile E. Coyote's contributions to technology and the world. This week we're reading "Coyote and the Evil Witches."

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    Ramblecast 75.5

    On today's agenda this week is the wide world of science! From how to relocate the oceans into the atmosphere, to how to recreate Pangea, to which animals have meetings and why, we're covering it all.

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