What The Folklore?

What The Folklore?

What the Folklore is a comedy podcast trying to make sense of nonsensical stories. We deal in strange mythology and folktales from around the globe. We can be found at www.facebook.com/wtfolklore.

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    Ramblecast 93.5

    On this week's ramblecast, we take a long hard look at Pixar's marketing tactics and suggest some Pixar movies of our own.

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    The Bony Connection

    The threads of the Fairy Tale Mythos become further interwoven as we take some big leaps in logic to try to get Immortal Bony into as many stories as possible. But it does paint an awfully pretty picture. This week we're reading "The Golden Apples and the Nine Peahens."

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    Ramblecast 92.5

    Excerpts of unused material from episode 92 of "What the Folklore?", wherein we catch Pokemon fever!! (Not to be confused with Pokerus)

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    Denmark to Dunkostan

    Tyler and Gordie are back in control of the Fairy Tale express, and have steered her into strange waters with a story that really doesn't pan out in the end. But at least they're focused on what really matters in life: dunks.

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    Ramblecast 91.5

    This week we're revisiting our very first story, to take a look at some crucial details that were overlooked. Madame d'Aulnoy strikes again.

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    A Heartfelt Family Cashgrab

    You can put your minds at ease, Gordie got his 2DS, and we'll all be there together for its Maiden Voyage. A little less importantly, we might have hit on a complex, tangled web of lies and betrayal surrounding fairies and giants that spans the entire of the known folklore universe. Mario Kart is pretty fun though.

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    'Cha Boi and Savior

    We have an extra meaty episode this week to make up for last week, so dig into a hefty, weird, nutso story who underutilizes the best character: the Cherryman. This episode was sponsored and produced by Jenna Steigerwalt, thank you Jenna!

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    Ramblecast 89.5

    Tyler has a TV pitch for us this week, about the quest to find the true meaning of the Ever-Jack, and we're going to hone this idea to perfection.

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    Cacophonous Spook

    Halloween is almost here! Enjoy a spookyish collection of short folk tales.

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