What The Folklore?
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What the Folklore is a comedy podcast trying to make sense of nonsensical stories. We deal in strange mythology and folktales from around the globe. We can be found at www.facebook.com/wtfolklore.

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    Ramblecast 210

    What genre isn't Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? We've already talked about how it's steampunk, and now it's cyberpunk too!

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    Episode 209: Cyber-Grognon: Gracieuse and Percinet part II

    Part 2 of Gracieuse and Percinet! We're very taken with Grognon, and very much NOT taken with Percinet, for reasons that will become very clear soon. Grognon continues to be an interesting villain, and Percinet continues to be JUST THE WORST.

    Suggested talking points: cyber-Grognon, Buscemi's fatherly wet gaze, the Imaginarium of Dr. Percocet, horse socialism, Jack Bauer as Psyche, Grace the Unflayable, the first macguffin, 1719 summer Grognon hotness games, Grognonaroo, Grogmommy's alrights


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    Ramblecast 209

    There's never been a Pokemon game that takes place in REAL America, so we're pitching Gen 9: Pokemon Stars & Pokemon Stripes.

    Note: we're touching on some serious issues here, and just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that although we are making jokes, this is all satire and we take these issues with gravity they deserve.

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    Episode 208: Caught Between a Jam and a War Place: Gracieuse and Percinet part I

    It's that time of year again, everyone. The d'Aulnoy train has been speeding toward us for a year, and it has finally arrived. We're reading "Gracieuse and Percinet" this year, which involves a surprising number of twists and turns for a chunk of story in which nothing really happens.

    Suggested talking points: Waffle House Valentine's Day, public podcasting, jam consumption, royal anatomy, Grognon.0, camel drinking mechanisms, John Woo bird metrics, Scooby Doo hot take, Harry Potter spell slots


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    Ramblecast 208

    What is the first space force even going to do up there without anyone to play with or fight? We're also continuing what is apparently a whole series about art, and our relationship to it.


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    Episode 207: Stepmom EULA

    A content warning: this story kinda involves sex trafficking. We have agreed that we have to talk about the daughter in question as an adult, and the trafficker is a magic bear prince, but it's still a little uncomfortable at moments.

    We're finally reading "East of the Sun West of the Moon." For a foundational fairy tale, it's got a lot of problems. This story makes a lot more sense when you think of it as a reality show run by a troll in the background. Just trust us, you'll see it by the end.

    This episode brought to you by executive producer Ashton, Aarne-Thompson type 1558, "Clothes Make the Man"

    Suggested talking points: Team Rocket acting class, Larry David clicks, barky jorts, child hyper beam, momtech, daybear, crag hags, curse regulations, knuckle nose


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    Ramblecast 207

    The best animated feature Oscar is a rough scene, but you know what was great? The original Steel Battalion.


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    Episode 206: James and the Giant Metal Gear

    "Momotaro the Peach Boy" is truly Japan's Number One Momotaro, in that he's absolutely unstoppable. We might need to slow this sweet peach boy's roll a bit.

    This episode brought to you by executive producer Dave, Aarne-Thompson type 1540, "the Man From Paradise"

    Suggested talking points: objective comedy, fruit-based gentlemen, Cherry Man Catan, the butt families, Oni ecological breakdown, Papa Folklore, the Galapagos demons, science fience


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    Ramblecast 206

    How do we wrest control of society from morning people, and equalize the playing field? Is the answer a cyberpunk future?


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    Episode 205: Bufthulhu the Beaverthulhu

    Apologies for the audio on this one gang, we had a microphone cord fray over the course of recording and it sounds like we've got an open lightsaber on the table between us. This story, though, has a lot going on. We're reading "the Barber's Clever Wife," and she gets into some wild stuff.

    Suggested talking points: the scientific method, a Sweeney Clod, Kingdom Hearts additions, as thicket as thieves, crimewatch, cherry corn rice, conga line of thieves, fire: the catchall pesticide, 8 servings of gold, GMOut the ass, Bufthulhu the Beaverthulhu, the thicket women, spaghetti mustache trick, vegetable genders

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