What The Folklore?
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What the Folklore is a comedy podcast trying to make sense of nonsensical stories. We deal in strange mythology and folktales from around the globe. We can be found at www.facebook.com/wtfolklore.

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    Episode 205: Bufthulhu the Beaverthulhu

    Apologies for the audio on this one gang, we had a microphone cord fray over the course of recording and it sounds like we've got an open lightsaber on the table between us. This story, though, has a lot going on. We're reading "the Barber's Clever Wife," and she gets into some wild stuff.

    Suggested talking points: the scientific method, a Sweeney Clod, Kingdom Hearts additions, as thicket as thieves, crimewatch, cherry corn rice, conga line of thieves, fire: the catchall pesticide, 8 servings of gold, GMOut the ass, Bufthulhu the Beaverthulhu, the thicket women, spaghetti mustache trick, vegetable genders

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    Ramblecast 205

    Like, what is art even? We're sharing some of the things that draw us to particular movie, shows, music, whatever.


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    Episode 204: The Cloaca Rangers

    We're re-visiting our favorite shitbird with two different versions of "How Raven Stole the Sun." He's the same Raven that we know and love, and not just because he's given rise to the Cloaca Rangers.

    This episode brought to you by executive producer Mairzy Marzipan, Aarne-Thompson type 751a, "Peasant Woman Is Changed Into a Woodpecker"

    Suggested talking points: straight to shoebox, ham scaffolding, Kingdom Hearts lore, fetish count, the Donne Darko timeline, science points, decorative beaks, Schrodinger's hottie, cloeyecha, your house is dragons, the Cloaca Rangers, the Fern Gully cinematic universe


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    Ramblecast 204

    We're talking about the Big Game. You know the one. The BIG game. We also reinvent a sport.


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    Episode 203: Gorby Gorbo the Irish Mime

    We're back from hiatus with an Irish story called "Jamie Freel and the Young Lady." Lady only describes one of her forms though, which also include a sack of wool, and a dog maybe, we dunno it gets weird.

    Suggested talking points: strong arms rowin', scooping mad water, crocheting steel cables, off-brand Popeye, the worst Arby's slogan, yin and yang of the dank herb, poop freedom, horse flying methods, nut classification, moonwine, sentient 'tatoes, dead stick daughter, digging for buried lady, boat justifications, rush hour dunks


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    Ramblecast 203

    Maybe all Robin Hood needs is a fresh new genre to get that blockbuster success he deserves.


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    Episode 202: WTFolklore Anthology Edition: Vol 4

    Due to varying levels of wellness (and maybe a robot-related incident), we were unable to record an episode for you all this week.

    Thankfully, our past selves recorded like a whole bunch of episodes, so it's time for another clipshow!

    contains clips from: Mermaidsploitation, Blitz My Son, A Brief Downstairs Kiss, Mother of a Saltless Race, Pumpkin Mice Latte, and Brought To You By the Letter D


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    Episode 201: Mother Whimbus

    Eastern Europe always treats us so right, and "Youth Without Age and Life Without Death" is no exception. We're into beta-testing of Big Rock, and early results are looking good.

    This episode brought to you by executive producer Pyris, Aarne-Thompson type 330B, "The Devil In the Sack"

    Suggested talking points: boatwatch opportunity, old man baby magnet, cotton-eyed baby, anime pratfall into death, sores horse, yonder-forest, a little bit woodpecker, scorpion witch, a kibble situation, Monster Hunter: Katamari, weird time, big rock implementation


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    Ramblecast 201

    We're a little late to the party on this, but gang, we have to talk about wizards pooping themselves.


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    Episode 200: Wife (With Rice)

    We've got a short, sweet nugget of a story this week in "The Slaying of the Tanuki," but there's juice in this nugget. And some of that juice is a solution that could fix many, many plotholes for many fairy tales.

    This episode brought to you by executive producer The Day Dude, Aarne-Thompson type 898, "Daughter of the Sun"

    This episode sponsored by "The Legend of Griff" by Richard Sparrow, available now

    Suggested talking points: new year's resolution, hare wife, tanuki schacks, what animal friends are, the folklore restaurant, culinary vore, ointment purposes, hatchet walks, the OG sick burn, common law hare marriage, get you a bunny who does both, woods murder jazz, big rock solutions, big big rock


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